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Introduction to SERN

Startup Europe is an initiative of the European Commission, creating links between ecosystems, focusing on connecting people, local ecosystems, international outreach and providing information through the One Stop Shop for start-ups. Originally focused on ICT and web start-ups it has recently broaden its scope to to all startups.

Startup Europe promoted the creation of Startup Europe Regions Network (SERN) at a major event held on 1 October 2015 at the Committee of Regions, with the presence of Vice-President of the Commission Andreas Ansip and President of the Committee of Regions, Markku Markkula.

SERN is a network of regions dedicated to scaling up startup support.

The purpose of the SERN is to reinforce the links between regional authorities, development agencies, universities and associations who build and scale up the startup ecosystems at regional level in Europe, promoting a culture of startup friendly regions.

This will be done by:

  • Promoting support activities across Europe to Start-ups and Entrepreneurship
  • Collecting of best practices across Europe, highlighting the best Regional Practices
  • Facilitating networking of regional decision makers
  • Mobilizing regional resources to address relevant barriers to startups’ growth

Membership of SERN is open to any legal representative of European Regions, development agencies, universities or any other legal entities that contribute to the development and implementation of regional policies toward startups and entrepreneurship in Europe

SERN will offer a first virtual interconnected space for EU startups to scale up, aiming to leverage private investments with European and regional ones so as to create critical mass.

What’s about the event

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Best Practices

We have collected the best practices from around 30 different companies, all over Europe.

Check our database of best practices and be part of Startup Europe Regions Network!


"I welcome the launch of a regional European venture (SERN) to support startups throughout the continent as, hopefully, we progress towards a single and connected European ecosystem. I wish the initiative very success"

by Andreas AsipVice-President of the European Commission

"The Startup Europe Regions Network is a step beyond the simple exchange of ideas to a network that crosses national borders and will be pivotal in creating the right environment for public/private investments & conditions for strong startup ecosystems

By Markku MarkkulaPresident of the Committee

In order to develop the regional startup ecosystem in our region of Lazio, the collaboration with other EU regions, as planned in the Startup Europe Regions Network, is essential.

by Gian Polo ManzellaCounsellor at the Region of Lazio

SERN must build in the industrial potential of regions to develop sustainable growth paths for Eu startups and exit channels for its early investors.

by Eurico NevesCoordinator of the ePlus project, president of INOVA+ and promoter of SERN

Finding the right combination of finance is very key for startups, and the Startup Europe Regions Network can play a main role in guiding startups throught that path.

by Isidro LasoStartup Initiative at the European Commission

At EURADA we strongly welcome the SERN initiativeand will recommend to our regional partners to join the network.

by Esteban PelayoDirector of EURADA

The INTERREG EUROPE programme is a platform for regional cooperation and is open for collaboration with SERN.

by Erwin SiwerisDirector at the Interreg Europe Programme

Become a SERN member

If you wish to become a SERN member, please download the application form here and send it to or

Once we receive your application, we will confirm your membership within 3 working days.

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