Blockchain Hackathon: Groningen hosts the biggest blockchain event in the world


In the weekend of April 5-8, Groningen hosted the second edition of the biggest Blockchain Hackathon in the world. In one weekend, around 65 teams with a total of 750 people from all over the world worked on solutions for societal challenges by using blockchain technique. To explore the possibilities of blockchain, seven so-called tracks were set out on the hackathon. The seven tracks that the teams could focus on were: Future of Pensions; Health; Energy transition; Public safety; Digital Nation’s Infrastructure; Machine 2 Machine Economy; Global Digital Identity.

Within each of the thematic tracks, the various teams worked on blockchain technology to tackle social issues. Some of the questions that were addressed were: How can we organize the approach to cybercrime? How can we make the energy transition possible, without large companies being able to ignore the rules? And how do we ensure that your personal data remains yours? The blockchain hackathon aimed to find answers to these highly relevant societal questions.

Major Dutch and European corporates and governmental organizations sponsored these seven tracks. They are potential launching customers teaming up with key stakeholders and essential blockchain consortium partners to challenge and support pioneering teams to come up with relevant solutions for their grand challenges. The companies worked together with the teams at the hackathon and provided essential knowledge about the industry. The close collaboration between teams and launching customers ensured that blockchain applications meet actual needs from the industry and society. It also formed the basis for continued cooperation after the hackathon, when the sponsors will become the start-ups first clients and provide an opening into an international market. Solutions that arise from the Blockchaingers Hackathon are not straightforward answers to one-dimensional problems. They rather serve as software ecosystem solutions for entire collaborative networks.

Groningen Digital City

It is no coincidence that the Blockchain Hackathon is organized in the city of Groningen. Groningen is young, talented and already ahead in digital, and therefore able to see this digital transformation not as a threat, but as an opportunity to boost the economy. Next to that, Groningen has been known for its excellent start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially in the field of ICT. The city government actively supports and fosters this ecosystem, for example by the start of a ‘Digital Office’.


You can find the Aftermovie of the Blockchain Hackathon here.

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