SERN response to the European Commission Consultation on Public Procurement of Innovation

PPI consultation

On the 4th of October 2017, the European Commission DG Grow launched a consultation on the draft Guidance on Public Procurement of Innovation, announced in the Public Procurement package of 3 October 2017. This consultation is aimed to received feedback from all stakeholders by 2 January 2018.

The Guidance on Public Procurement of Innovation is part of the Commission’s efforts to support the wider uptake of public procurement of innovation in the EU. The modernisation of public procurement rules in 2014 has resulted in a renewed interest in using this instrument to increase sustainable growth and support job creation and innovation in the European Single Market. In response, the EU has been providing targeted funding for the public procurement of innovation pilot projects in EU countries and facilitating the exchanges of best experiences. Furthermore, public procurement of innovation is seen as a policy area that is insufficiently explored when it comes to public support of innovative start-ups and SMEs.

SERN has elaborated a response to this consultation and provides two specific recommendations for facilitating public procurement for startups. The aim of this document is to contribute to assist the regions in providing startups with a better and easier access to public procurement and would contribute to improve the communication between procurers and vendors.

Here you can find the integral response of SERN on Public Procurement Innovation.