Learning Accelerator Technology (LEA) Project


LEA concept is to accelerate the LEARNTECH sector (Education- levels Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper secondary schools) by reforming and opening up the traditional and closed educational systems to achieve increased learning results by using the purchase power of public procurement to steer users ‐driven innovations for digital learning.

In order to accelerate knowledge transfer, dialog and awareness raising of innovative procurement within the learning technology sector, LEA will build a European wide cleantech procurers’ network, forming a critical mass of procurers. If you are a procurer and you are interested in following this project, please find more information here.

LEA is preparing the first cross-border European Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) in the educational sector and wants to showcase the excellent opportunities for procurement of innovation within that sector. These innovative processes put users to the drivers’ seat in technology development. The project brings competitive advantage to EU companies by raising their innovation to a market leader level. Solutions created through PPI can have valuable societal impact as early identification of school dropouts and exciting pupils for STEM careers.

LEA will prepare a PPI call for tender continuing the challenges identified in the previous Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) “IMAILE” project as well as one extra PCP. The project started in March 2018 and will last for 2 years. More information here.