New project: Start at Best


On Wednesday June 26 we participated in a kick off meeting for projects H2020 aiming to increase the uptake of workplace innovation by SMEs at the European Commission in Brussels.

We presented our new project Start at Best together with our partners ArtEr from Italy, ANI from Portugal and Cork Innovates from Ireland. The project will help startups, micro-firms and other SMEs across Europe innovate their workplace and develop innovative projects that will address change in their office culture. We will invite and fund startups, micro-firms and other SMEs in the development of new workplace solutions, promote and disseminate results at EU scale and attract more players to the innovation cycle.

Startups have been pivotal in changing the office and workspace culture and adapting to an ever changing dynamic schedule. The offices need to be more comfortable and friendly so that employees can feel at home in their workplace. The primary goals of the project are to make workplace innovation easy for SMEs and provide financial means which would allow them to experiment. While these innovative projects are small scale, we are aiming for large outreach.

These are our four main objectives:

  1. Raise the visibility and awareness of SMEs and in particular microfirms and small companies, on the relevance of workplace innovation for business competiveness
  2. Develop a repository of startup inspired cases of workplace innovation to help other SMEs form their ideas and concepts
  3. Promote, fund and support outreach projects for the development of workplace innovation in small companies
  4. Disseminate results at EU scale and promote the replication of successful initiatives across other industries and European countries

Stay tuned for more details about Start at Best, we will share more information in the coming weeks.