Showcasing your workplace innovation ideas

Showcasing workplace innovation ideas

Showcasing your work practices in the area of workplace innovation, in a simple and concise manner, will allow our business community to promote the leading ideas emerging from Ireland in the area of workplace innovation.  Given the current challenges being posed by Covid_19 in all workplaces, now is a critical period in which to share what is working well for innovative organisations and what can potentially be replicated elsewhere to help our very challenged SME and micro-business community.

SERN – as one of four consortium partners in a Horizon2020 project Start at Best** – is actively seeking companies and organisations who can demonstrate best practice in their workplace innovation practices.  Your stories will be broadcast across our project network, our social media platforms and to our wider media contacts.  The topic of Workplace Innovation aligns with SERN’s ongoing support for innovation as a viable driver for local company growth and through this project, SERN will promote awareness and visibility of workplace innovation for business competitiveness among SMEs and micro-firms across Europe.

If you would like to see your organisation’s approach to workplace innovation showcased and used to inspire smaller businesses during these challenging times, or even better, showcasing your workplace innovation ideas, please send us an email on for more details.

**Start at Best  is supported under the Horizon 2020: Programme 2018-2020 for a better innovation support to SMEs and the action Workplace innovation uptake by SMEs (INNOSUP-04-2019).  This action is aimed at regional and national innovation support agencies that design, implement and/or assist innovation support programmes for SMEs and micro-firms.

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