The EUvsVirus Winners Have Been Announced

EUvsVirus winners

We already know the EUvsVirus winners! The award ceremony was live-streamed, on the 30th of May. A total of 117 projects won support.

The EUvsVirus challenge has finally come to an end. The hackathon had taken place from 24 to 26 April. Created by the EU’s EIC, it hoped to address COVID-19 issues. These were divided into 6 fields: Health; Business Continuity; Social & Political Cohesion; Remote Working/Education; Digital Finance; and other challenges.

After entries closed, experts analysed proposed projects. The task, of course, must not have been easy. A total of 2160 solutions were submitted! All after a total lump-sum of 100,000 €. Most importantly, the victory also entailed participation in the EU’s Matchathon. This will be an online event, attended by investors. It will allow the latter to connect to projects, promoting partnerships. Thus, “solutions” will manage to find funding.

The EUvsVirus winners were 117 teams, proposing diverse solutions. All of them were marked by astonishing creativity. Below, we’ll highlight some particularly interesting initiatives.

– Business continuity (winner)

Linistry for  safe retail (Hungary)- the team won about 3000 €. Their starting point was a key problem. Social distancing is the key to fight the epidemic. Yet, it may have a large impact on retailers. Linistry is a software addressing that. It allows retailers to control the number of customers, in a store. Also, it allows them to check queues outside.

– Digital finance (winner)

Bankera business care (Lithuania)- Bankera won Caixa Bank Payments and Consumer’s sponsorship. As its creators‘ note, SME’s are highly impacted by COVID-19. They may experience cash-flow issues, which impact their liquidity. To address this, the company developed a financial tool. It uses guarantees from business partners, easing loan repayment.

Such are examples of some EUvsVirus winners. Want to know more? You can check all the winning projects here.

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