New RegionArts Booklet: Designing Support Measures

new RegionArts booklet

A new RegionArts booklet has been  presented. It’s titled “Designing support measures promoting connections between artists and ICT”. It advises on initiatives, connecting these areas. Also, it analyses transferability of regional policies.

A new RegionArts booklet has been launched. Its second, the document comes after Activities Linking ICT and Art. This first had a relevant success, since it focused on a marginal area. Arts and ICT are still ignored, in comparison to other tech topics. Trendy issues like AI, or Biotech monopolize headlines. Thus, little is known on how the field should be developed.

The booklet was developed in the context of RegionArts. This Interreg project focused on a specific area. This regarded SME innovation, through the integration of artists. Over the last years, the latter’s importance for innovation has been increasingly recognized. Artists approach topics in different ways, with radical originality. Most of the times, they are “game-changers”. Thus, they complement the technical expertise of IT sectors.

Connecting Arts and ICT is complicated, though. In most projects, the two fields aren’t equal partners. Projects are either led by ICT actors, who reach out to Arts, or vice-versa. This of course, diminishes exchange and communication possibilities.

Region Arts’ second booklet

 Designing support measures promoting connections between artists and ICT” bridges an important gap. There are few accounts of documents on the topic. We already know the importance of Arts to ICT. Yet, suggestions on how to build this connection are scarce.

The booklet presents eight cases studies, across Europe. It includes countries from Italy to Finland. An example is Cultuur Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. This program strengthened the cities’ creative industries. Also, it aimed at extending innovation effects to other dutch regions. It won a support of €1.4 million from the municipality, and the government.

Want to know more about the booklet? Check here.


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