Why now’s the moment to hire women for technology companies

hire women for technology companies

COVID-19 had several impacts in employees, worldwide. This has led to a peculiar situation, regarding gender and work. Now’s a remarkable moment to hire women for technology companies.

Diverse workforces, in companies, have several benefits. They contribute to happiness in the workplace, fighting discrimination. Also, some studies point towards greater efficiency in tech enterprises. Indeed, the outperformance can reach a significant 15%.

Of course, investing in employee gender balance takes time. And, despite rewards, it can be costly (short term). Thus, COVID-19’s context would supposedly discourage such actions. Yet, some entrepreneurs are arguing exactly the opposite. Corona setbacks have actually created an opportunity to equalize tech workforces. Below, we’ll highlight how.

The first reason why now’s a favorable context regards candidates. Currently, the market of job seekers is full of skilled women. Why? Mostly because of corona-related layoffs. These seem to have hit women much harder than men. While 8% of women were fired, a smaller 5% of men were. Thus, there’s clearly a wealth of experienced females seeking employment.

The second regards teleworking’s popularization. The corona crisis has been showing that the practice might increase productivity. This can be particularly useful for women. They’ve been asking, for a long time, for more work flexibility. Childcare, and other affairs, has usually clashed with female careers.

A third reason to hire women regards output. Having a diverse workforce will provide different perspectives on company issues. This may include the enterprise’s product, or decision-making for example. It will provide a female perspective on the issue. Take, for example, a fitness app. It might be important to craft its design to female users. Female employees will gladly remind you of that.

Above are some reason why you should hire women for technology companies. Do you want to read the whole article? Check here.

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