These European impact investors are making headlines

European impact investors

Over the last years, impact investment has been gaining popularity. Below, we’ll present some European impact investors who are causing a stir.

Europe seems to be committed to have a positive impact in the world. It has several ongoing efforts to address inequality, or climate change. Amongst the latter, investments stand prominently. It’s easy to assume, thus, that impact investment fits in its priorities.

Impact investment has been growing, over the last years. For example, the Global Impact Investing Network’s (GIIN) estimates that the market has grown 100 times in the last eight years. While it was estimated at $8bn in 2012, today the number seems to be $715bn.

In Europe, impact investment is speeding up too. There are several VC firms specializing in the topic, and being successful. Below, we’ll present some European impact investors gaining popularity.

The first is Bethnal Green Ventures, a London-based VC. The company was founded in 2012, and focuses on impact tech. It clearly stands by gender equality, with 52% of female founders in their portfolio. The company seems to be growing, investing about £2m in startups each year. Some of its recent investments include apps for healthcare messaging (Hospify), and diabetes management (Second Nature).

The second is Pale Blue Dot, a VC tackling climate change. This company’s spectacularly recent, since it was founded in Malmö this year. It invests in several sectors, such as artificial intelligence or agriculture. Interestingly, the VC tracks unusual KPI’s. Besides business metrics, it also focuses on carbon footprint for example.

The third is Norrsken VC,  based in Stockholm. The company was cofounded by Niklas Adalberth, one of the creators of Klarna. The firm is, arguably, Europe’s biggest social impact fund for tech startups. One of its latest investments is Einride, a sustainable logistics company.

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