Here are the EIC’s Green Deal startups

EIC’s Green Deal startups

The Green Deal is a pillar of EU policy, to tackle climate change. One of its instruments will regard funding startups. Below, we’ll present some of the EIC’s Green Deal startups.

Over the last months, world attention focused on COVID-19. The EU’s most pressing concerns were imposing lockdowns, and tackling the economic crisis. Also, it had to incentivize research on vaccines and treatments.

Though policy goals suffered changes, several remained stable. Such is the case of the EU’s Green Deal. When elected, Ursula von der Leyen vowed to make this a priority. Since then, a great amount of European policy (and budget) has been dedicated to it.

A key instrument of the Green Deal regards tech development. Such is incentivized, for example, by funding “green startups”. The Commission does so, often, through funding rounds of the EIC. Last March, this council decided to allocate about €300m to green SMES. Below, we present some of the EIC’s Green Deal startups.

The first SME is Brite Solar, from Greece. This SME developed a peculiar type of solar panels. Common panels are difficult to install, something which limits their usefulness. Brite has developed “solar glass”, which can be used for windows and greenhouses. This glass allows 80% of light to pass through, while still producing energy.

Cellugy, from Denmark, is the second. This startup’s tackling one of the most concerning challenges of climate change. It regards the usage of plastics, and derived pollution. They have developed an alternative to the material, made of pure cellulose. This means that it’s not only digestible to animals, but it’s also fully biodegradable.

The third is Waste Shark, from the Netherlands. This business has produced an autonomous vehicle, which removes pollutant material from waters. It can be installed in urban waters, and harbours.

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