Call for deep tech startups to collaborate with corporates

startup-corporate program

Powerful collaboration to accelerate deep-tech innovation and growth. Accelerate your startup’s growth by learning from experts, connecting with investors, and meeting like-minded entrepreneurs.


Kaunas Science and Technology Park – a member of SERN and part of international Scale-up Champions team – is providing a potential collaboration program between deep-tech startups, investors and corporates across Europe to connect, scale-up and boost business growth.

Scale-up Champions offers deep tech startups the opportunity to accelerate their growth. How? Through a set of training activities aiming to increase their fundraising capacity. In addition, a series of networking events will connect entrepreneurs, corporates, mentors and investors to build sustainable partnerships and create new market opportunities.

The Scale-up Champions program will carry out a challenge-based selection process to identify the best startups among all the applicants that could solve challenges linked with Green Energy, Fintech, MedTech, Industry 4.0 or Smart Cities. Moreover, the chosen ones will benefit with:

  • Contact with consolidated European companies and provided with mentoring and expert advice for their collaboration with corporates.
  • Access to business expertise and knowledge.
  • Testing their market-fit and scale of their operations.
  • Increasing their products or services on the market.
  • Pilots with corporations.

Why is it beneficial for you as a deep-tech startup?

In a global market, with great competition, complexity, and uncertainty, large companies are increasingly seeking innovation beyond their walls. Likewise, there are different open innovation strategies, for example, collaborate with research departments in universities, cross-innovation where companies from different countries or sectors collaborate for innovating, or corporate venture focusing especially on seeking new ideas observing solutions that come from disruptive startups.

In other words, establishing relationships with corporations is essential for scaling-up. Most importantly, this collaboration will bring investors and startups together to build sustainable partnerships. New market opportunities will be created for corporates and startups will get the support needed for scaling up.

In short, if you are a startup working in deep tech and you would like to take part in the program fill in the application form till the 6th of November.


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