European Citizen’s Prize Award 2021: Apply now

European Citizen’s Prize Award 2021: Apply now

On 2 March, the European Parliament launched the European Citizen’s Prize 2021. This is a yearly competition and an initiative of the EP to reward exceptional achievements in the following areas:

  • Activities promoting better mutual understanding and closer integration between citizens of the Member States;
  • Activities involving long-term, cross-border or transnational cultural cooperation contributing to the strengthening of the European spirit;
  • Projects linked to the current European Year;
  • Activities giving concrete expression to EU values and fundamental rights.

People, groups, associations or organisations can apply for the European Citizen’s Prize or can nominate a project before midnight Brussels time of Thursday 15th April 2021.

Eligibility Criteria for the European Citizen’s Prize 2021:

To keep in mind, only projects carried out within EU Members States will be considered for the award. The citizen and the organizations that want to participate should also be based or legally reside in an EU Member State at the date of submission of their application or nomination. For associations and organisations without legal personality, the project leader or the person representing the group / association / organisation will be considered.

Composition of the Chancellery:

The European Citizen’s Prize Chancellery is the body authorized to award the medal of honour (or in case of groups the medal or plaque with all the names displayed) and the Chancellor, identified with the President of the European Parliament or a Vice-President of his choice, will lead the commission as such composed:

  • The Chancellor;
  • Four Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament;
  • Two former Presidents of the European Parliament;
  • Two eminent personalities;
  • One representative of a pan-European civil society organisation and;
  • One representative of a pan-European youth organisation.

A quota of maximum 50 Laureates will receive the award, with at least one from each Member States. In exceptional cases of merits, the Chancellery can award more than one laureate from the same Member State.

Where to Apply

Click HERE to find out more about the European Citizen’s Prize 2021 or to apply/nominate a project.