How to make a Successful Pitch for Investors?

successful pitch to investors

A pitching session on Financial Instruments:  Successful Pitch for Investors” was led by SERN and Innova-FI on Friday, 28 May with the aim to help applicants prepare a successful presentation for bidding. The online session started with Alexandre de Almeida, from ANI and Innova-FI lead partner, who focused on the lessons learnt from the project Innova-FI. Afterwards Miguel Sousa, financial instruments expert, presented the relevance of pitching in financial instruments.

With this pitch coaching, Innova-FI stakeholders could upskill their capacities to design a successful presentation when submitting their business opportunity for funding.

What is Innova-FI?

The aim of  Innova-FI, an Interreg Europe project, is to improve the design and implementation of Financial Instruments as a delivery mode of Structural Funds so that they best meet and serve the financing needs of innovative and RTDI-driven businesses in all the stages of their start-up and growth.

Innova-FI partners will do this by learning about the innovation landscape, and how it is being publicly financed, in partner regions.

To reach their purpose, the consortium will examine together identified challenges, such as:

  1.  Designing FIs that are well adapted to the different phases of the business;
  2. Moving away from a grants culture, very much established in the RTDI and innovation field;
  3. Achieving a better alignment of FIs with other support measures; and/or
  4. Creating cross-border instruments.

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