How can innovation improve energy efficiency and ageing population well-being?


SERN hosted a webinar on 29 June focusing on how digital technologies can improve energy efficiency whilst contributing to better ageing population well-being.

The first part was dedicated to the EU funding programmes on Research & Innovation with a focus on the Climate, Energy and Mobility Cluster and an overview of the programmes addressing the elderly care and well-being.

Joy McKenna and Giorgio Grasso, from the startup SmartBug, introduced the SmartBug innovative technology, showcasing its applications in various smart environments being at home, hospitals, schools and different technology areas. Different use cases outlined how this technology has the potential to creating smart home systems, helping to tackle energy efficiency while providing different usages that ensure better mobility to an ageing population thanks to a connected technology that can change people’s lives.

To learn more about the SmartBug ecosystem and its advantages, read here.