ICT & Arts

Scientific and technological skills are not the only forces driving innovation. Creativity and the involvement of society play a major role in the innovation process. The integration of the arts is an essential and fruitful component within research and innovation in ICT. It connects communities of artists and researchers at all levels, including institutions, companies and individuals, and it has given origin to a new online platform. The constant appropriation of new technologies by artists allows them to go further in actively participating in society. By using ICT as their medium of expression, artists are able to prototype solutions, create new products and make new economic, social and business models.

To follow-up on the ICT ART CONNECT study, the European Commission launched the Starts programme STARTS – Science, Technology and the Arts brings together artists and researchers to creatively innovate in ICT. It attempts to remove the boundaries between art and engineering to stimulate creativity and innovation.  More and more high-tech companies embrace the Arts to boost their innovation capacity. The starts initiative could contribute decisively to competitiveness, sustainability and social inclusion. More information about the STARTS Initiative here.

Arts are gaining prominence as catalysts in an efficient conversion of Science and Technology knowledge as a driver of open and participatory processes. It is in this context that ‘Enhancing SME growth by the integration of Artists in ICT projects – RegionArts’ was created. This Interreg Europe project intents to capitalize and seek inspiration on the aforementioned programmes to explore their transferability at regional level and contributing to the integration of arts in ICT for SME innovation and competitiveness. RegionArts aims to strengthen the “Competitiveness of SME’s” by developing new strategies to combine technological development and innovation with artistic and creative talent, fostering cross-functional mindset and interdisciplinary collaboration to increase productivity and performance within ICT SME’s. More information here.